Head Turner
Curls Kinks & Co. by Sensationnel


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BEAUTYBEEZ best selling collection Curls Kinks and Co.

This long, natural feathered blow-out style is truly a head turner. The lace front wig features a side part and long feathered curls.

Get ready to define natural beauty on your own terms.
The Curls Kinks and Co.® collection celebrates the versatility
and styles that make natural hair so unique.
CKCo is a well curated collection of textured styles
that mimic rod-sets, twist-outs, pineapples, and
other go-to natural looks.
As you know, not all Naturals are created equal, so
this is an invitation to Affirm Your Personality,
Embrace Your Style, And Enjoy The Journey.
This Style Mimics A Natural Hair
Blow-out or Roller-Set
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
 CURLY (3B–3C) :
Juicy Spring Curls That Fall Into An Elongated, Open S-pattern.
COILY (3C–4A) :
Tightly Coiled Ringlet Strands In A Compact S-pattern.
KINKY (4B–4C) :
Pillowy Strands In A Range OfSuper Tight S & Z-patterns.
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