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Curls Kinks & Co. by Sensationnel


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BEAUTYBEEZ best selling collection Curls Kinks and Co.

Lace front wig with long, voluminous wand curls with Natural Yaki Texture

Get ready to define natural beauty on your own terms.
The Curls Kinks and Co.® collection celebrates the versatility
and styles that make natural hair so unique.
CKCo is a well curated collection of textured styles
that mimic rod-sets, twist-outs, pineapples, and
other go-to natural looks.
As you know, not all Naturals are created equal, so
this is an invitation to Affirm Your Personality,
Embrace Your Style, And Enjoy The Journey.
This Style Mimics A Natural Hair
Blow-out or Roller-Set
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
 CURLY (3B–3C) :
Juicy Spring Curls That Fall Into An Elongated, Open S-pattern.
COILY (3C–4A) :
Tightly Coiled Ringlet Strands In A Compact S-pattern.
KINKY (4B–4C) :
Pillowy Strands In A Range OfSuper Tight S & Z-patterns.
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